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Month: June 2017

The iPhone killed my inner nerd – The Verge

The VergeThe iPhone killed my inner nerdThe VergeWhen I was a teenager, this time of year would be insufferable. My bedroom would be nearly 90F without air conditioning, but it wasn't even particularly hot outside. I had at least five tower PCs running inside my bedroom, all contributing a lot of …How the iPhone begat shadow IT and enterprise mobilityComputerworldApple's iPhone, Now and Then: Comparing the 2007 iPhone to the iPhone 7FortuneThe first iPhone just turned 10: Here's every single iPhone Apple has made so farBGRBloomberg -ZDNet -Macworld -Mashableall 213 news articles »...

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Copyright Office Proposes Modest Fixes to DMCA 1201, Leaves Fundamental Flaws Untouched

The U.S. Copyright Office just released a long-awaited report about Section 1201, the law that bans circumventing digital restrictions on copyrighted works. Despite years of evidence that the social costs of the law far outweigh any benefits, the Copyright Office is mostly happy with the law as it is. The Office does recommend that Congress enact some narrow reforms aimed at protecting security research, repair activities, and access for people with disabilities. We’re sorry the Office didn’t take a stronger stance. Section 1201, part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, makes it illegal to circumvent any “technological protection measure”...

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