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Month: August 2017

SC: Dorchester School District 2 says $2,900 ransom paid to recover data after server breach, but no identities stolen

Drew Tripp reports: Dorchester School District 2 officials say no student or staff member’s identity information was stolen or compromised in a ransomware attack on the district’s computer network servers over the summer, but that some files were corrupted and lost, and the district was forced to pay a ransom to regain access to other […]...

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Largest healthcare provider in western New York successfully phished in two consecutive months

Having to notify almost 2,800 patients because an employee fell for a phishing attack is not something most healthcare providers would exactly relish. Having to notify 2,800 patients in July and then another 744 patients in August because there were phishing incidents in two consecutive months, well,….. ouch. But that’s the situation Kaleida Health in […]...

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Introducing Behavioral Information Security

Ben Tomhave posted a great article on his “The Falcon’s View” blog. Loved the concept and I’m cross-posting the whole thing in it’s entirety without any edits with grateful acknowledgement: “I recently had the privilege of attending BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp. For those unfamiliar with Fogg’s work, he started out doing research on Persuasive Technology back in the 90s, which has become the basis for most modern uses of technology to influence people (for example, use of Facebook user data to influence the 2016 US Presidential Election). The focus of the boot camp was around “behavior design,” which...

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Journalists Generally Do Not Use Secure Communication

This should come as no surprise: Alas, our findings suggest that secure communications haven’t yet attracted mass adoption among journalists. We looked at 2,515 Washington journalists with permanent credentials to cover Congress, and we found only 2.5 percent of them solicit end-to-end encrypted communication via their Twitter bios. That’s just 62 out of all the broadcast, newspaper, wire service, and…...

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