Huge news for broadband privacy! A California bill that would restore many of the privacy protections that Congress stripped earlier this year is headed for a final vote this Friday, 
The bill, A.B. 375, had languished in the Senate Rules Committee due to the efforts of AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon to deny a vote. But constituents called and emailed their representatives and reporters started asking questions. The overwhelming public support for privacy has so far counteracted the lobbying by telecommunications companies, which will spare no expense to keep the gift handed to them by Congress and the Trump administration.
The legislation is now one step away from landing on the governor’s desk, with final votes set for September 15, the last day of session.  If you live in California, you have 72 hours remaining to call your state Assemblymember and state Senator and tell them to vote AYE for A.B. 375 this Friday.
The Battle Behind the Scenes
Despite widespread public support, A.B.