Justice served sometimes takes a bit of time. Such was the case of industrial espionage and outright thievery that occurred in Finland in 2010-2011. It took the prosecutors six years to garner the conviction of 10 defendants charged with industrial espionage.Tenacious as they were, the sentences meted out were minimal by any standard, and some would argue that in this instance, the adage “crime doesn’t pay” does not apply.The crime: Trusted insiders take thousands of documents
Ten individuals left the employ of Nokian Tyres, and these trusted insiders took with them thousands of Nokian Tyres documents to their new employer, Black Donuts Engineering. Black Donuts was founded by former Nokian Tyres employees following a reduction in force within the Nokian Tyres research and development team.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here