Senator Rob Portman, one of the authors of a terrible piece of legislation in SESTA, has gone on the offensive in trying to get the bill passed. He gave a rousing speech on the Senate floor, in which he (1) misrepresented his own bill, (2) misrepresented CDA 230, and (3) threatened to pass even worse legislation if more tech companies don’t support SESTA.

I may not be an expert on how to legislate… but this does not seem like a good way to legislate.

Let’s start with the most incredible part: the threat to pass even worse legislation if the tech industry can’t support SESTA more broadly (and, remember, many of the biggest tech companies already support the bill). And, really, the main thing blocking the bill at this point is the fact that the House decided to go in a different direction with the bill, recognizing the myriad problems with SESTA. But, to Portman, it’s all tech’s fault, and thus this bizarre nonsensical threat:

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