Microsoft is one of the companies that are trying to move to a password-less world without compromising user and data security, and its investments in biometrics and alternative authentication methods are living proof.

More recently, the company partnered with Yubico, the maker of YubiKey USB authentication dongles, for the launch of Yubico Security Key with support for Windows 10 and Azure Active Directory.

In other words, users will be able to log into Windows 10 and Azure Active Directory without a password, but instead benefiting from the security and convenience provided by a dongle.

The Security Key will be available for just $20 and will support the FIDO2/WebAuthn standard, which itself will be implemented into Windows 10 in the future. The dongle uses a USB-A interface, and at 3 grams, it’s extremely easy to carry it around wherever you go. There’s no battery, and it’s waterproof, with Yubico recommending customers to attach it to their keychains for maxim…