Just as places like Russia are getting more aggressive with companies like Google and Amazon in seeking to stop online communications they can’t monitor, Google made a move that really fucked over a ton of people who rely on anti-censorship tools. For years, various anti-censorship tools from Tor to GreatFire to Signal have made use of “domain fronting.” That’s a process by which services could get around censorship by effectively appearing to send traffic via large companies’ sites, such as Google’s. The link above describes the process as follows:

Domain fronting
works at the application layer, using HTTPS, to communicate
with a forbidden host while appearing to communicate
with some other host, permitted by the censor.
The key idea is the use of different domain names at
different layers of communication. One domain appears
on the “outside” of an HTTPS request—in the DNS request
and TLS Server Name Indication—while another
domain appears on the “inside”—in t