Website blocking is now all the rage across much of the world. The way such website censorship happens is, however, as varied as the countries in which the censoring occurs. While some nations enact laws for internet filtering on all sorts of grounds — be it porn, extremist content, or political dissent –, other countries have ISPs that proactively do this kind of filtering for their host countries. In many cases, this results in “parental filters” designed to keep harmful content from finding the eyeballs of children. In reality, when Comcast tried this here in America, it managed to block TorrentFreak for some reason.

But nobody does collateral site-blocking damage like UK ISPs. The stories about “for the children” and “but…terrorists!” ISP website filtering are legion, but recent reports put any focus by ISPs on the well-being of children in heavy doubt, given the amount of purely innocent children’s content that is getting blocked by ISP filters.

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