While the rate of cord cutting is expected to double for Comcast this year, the phenomenon isn’t having as dire an impact on the company’s bottom line as you might expect. That’s thanks to Comcast’s growing monopoly over broadband in countless markets where the nation’s phone companies are simply refusing to upgrade their networks at any real scale. That lack of competition lets the company not only jack up the standalone price of broadband (starting at $75 in many markets), but it allows the company to implement punitive and unnecessary usage caps and overage fees to drive up your bill should you embrace streaming alternatives.

Speaking at a telecom conference in New York this week, Comcast cable CEO Dave Watson very quietly acknowledged the fact that when a customer cuts the cord, the fact that Comcast doesn’t have to pay content licensing costs for that user — combined with the fact that they simply drive up the cost of broadband for that user — means that the company come