WhatsApp is down once again, and we’re seeing reports of connectivity problems from both Europe and the United States.

No official announcement has been made so far, but the number of users who cannot connect to the service is growing every minute, with the #whatsappdown hashtag now trending on Twitter.

Sending messages on WhatsApp fails with a connection error, with the Android client showing a message “Checking for new messages” when launching the app. On iOS, the app shows a “Connecting…” message in each chat window.

Needless to say, adjacent services like WhatsApp Web do not work either, as they require a working connection with a mobile phone.

Europe mostly affected

DownDetector.com indeed seems to point to WhatsApp connection issues in several regions, including Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Other parts of Europe are also hitting similar problems, but they seem to be more isolated. The UK, Italy, Spain, and France are…