Month: February 2019

The 80’s called….they want their on-premises solution back!

Are you still breakdancing? Storing data on your floppy disk? Performing your searches through the card catalog? Assuming the answer is no, then why are you still using an on-premises application security solution? In all seriousness, take a look at [ … ]

How Veracode Scans Docker Containers for Open Source Vulnerabilities

Veracode Software Composition Analysis now also scans Docker containers and images to find vulnerabilities associated with open source libraries as dependencies of the base OS image and globally installed packages. If you’re interested in understanding how containers work, the different [ … ]

New ‘Farseer’ Malware Designed to Spy on Windows Users

Researchers have uncovered a new family of malware called “Farseer” that’s designed to conduct surveillance against Windows users. Discovered by Palo Alto Networks, Farseer works by using a technique known as “DLL sideloading” to drop legitimate, signed binaries to the [ … ]

Formjacking is Getting Popular Among CyberCriminals

Formjacking is emerging to be one of the most favorite methods of hacking among cybercriminals across the globe. Formjacking is the hacking technique in which cybercriminals target retail websites with a malicious code that helps them in snatching customers’ credit [ … ]