Category: COMSEC

Smishing Down Under

Banking malware is being installed on Android devices via malicious links in SMS messages, CRN reports. Cisco Talos discovered the malware being advertised on an exploit forum, and found that [ … ]

Vulnerabilities in the WPA3 Wi-Fi Security Protocol

Researchers have found several vulnerabilities in the WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol: The design flaws we discovered can be divided in two categories. The first category consists of downgrade attacks against [ … ]

Tic Toc Pwned

We were recently tipped off that the Australian Tic Toc Track watch was almost undoubtedly just a version of the Gator kids GPS tracking watch. That’s the tracker watch which [ … ]

Large-scale SIM swap fraud

If someone steals your phone number, you’ll face a lot of problems, especially because most of our modern two-factor authentication systems are based on SMSs that can be intercepted using [ … ]

New Phishing Attacks Make 2FA Useless

These latest attacks are designed to proxy login requests that incorporate SMS-based authentication as a way to seamlessly bypass 2FA protection without being noticed. https://blog.knowbe4.com/new-phishing-attacks-make-2fa-useless