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EU Member States Publish Joint Report on 5G Networks Security

European Union (EU) member states published a joint high-level report on the coordinated risk assessment on the security of 5G networks, identifying the main threats and threats actors, the most sensitive assets, and the main vulnerabilities behind them. […] https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/eu-member-states-publish-joint-report-on-5g-networks-security/

How to protect against stalkerware, a murky but dangerous mobile threat

Stalkerware has capabilities as dangerous as nation-state malware, but is often marketed as legitimate. So how do you protect against stalkerware when it’s not always clear it’s a threat? Categories: Stalkerware Tags: domestic abusedomestic violencemonitoringmonitoring applicationsmonitoring appsnational cyber security awareness [ … ]

SMA Solar Technology AG Sunny WebBox

This advisory includes mitigations for a cross-site request forgery vulnerability reported in the SMA Solar Technology AG Sunny WebBox communications hub. https://www.us-cert.gov/ics/advisories/icsa-19-281-01