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Chinese Military Wants to Develop Custom OS

Citing security concerns, the Chinese military wants to replace Windows with its own custom operating system: Thanks to the Snowden, Shadow Brokers, and Vault7 leaks, Beijing officials are well aware of the US’ hefty arsenal of hacking tools, available for [ … ]

Platinum is back

In June 2018, we came across an unusual set of samples spreading throughout South and Southeast Asian countries targeting diplomatic, government and military entities. https://securelist.com/platinum-is-back/91135/

Inside GCHQ’s Proposed Backdoor Into End-to-End Encryption

The Open Technology Institute (OTI) has responded to GCHQ/NCSC’s article on ‘Principles for a More Informed Exceptional Access Debate’ with an ‘Open Letter to GCHQ on the Threats Posed by the Ghost Proposal’. read more http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Securityweek/~3/8V2hZod81iQ/inside-gchqs-proposed-backdoor-end-end-encryption