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Software Vulnerabilities in the Boeing 787

Boeing left its software unprotected, and researchers have analyzed it for vulnerabilities: At the Black Hat security conference today in Las Vegas, Santamarta, a researcher for security firm IOActive, plans to present his findings, including the details of multiple serious [ … ]

British Airways Criticized for Exposing Passenger Flight Details

British Airways (BA) has been criticized for allowing hackers easy access to customer flight information. The issue was exposed Tuesday by researchers who discovered “a vulnerability affecting British Airways’ e-ticketing system that exposes passengers’ personally identifiable information (PII).” read more [ … ]

Customer Information Exposed In Air New Zealand Phishing Attack

Air New Zealand sent e-mails to customers enrolled in its Airpoints loyalty program​​​​​​ to warn them of a phishing attack that successfully compromised the email accounts of two staff members which potentially led to personal information being accessed by the attackers. […] https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/customer-information-exposed-in-air-new-zealand-phishing-attack/

Another Attack Against Driverless Cars

In this piece of research, attackers successfully attack a driverless car system — Renault Captur’s “Level 0” autopilot (Level 0 systems advise human drivers but do not directly operate cars) — by following them with drones that project images of [ … ]