Category: INFOSEC

‘N1ghTm4r3’ Scam Threatens to Expose Victims Watching Illegal Porn

A new sextortion scam campaign is aiming for the inboxes of targets from Ireland, with the scammers using fictitious recordings of their victims watching child pornography to scare them into sending payments of £5,000 worth of Bitcoins. […] https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/n1ghtm4r3-scam-threatens-to-expose-victims-watching-illegal-porn/

Zero Trust Security Makes GDPR Compliance Easier

Although the GDPR was constructed and deployed to protect European citizens, its reach extends globally. Developers worldwide should be concerned about incorporating security into the design process. https://threatvector.cylance.com/en_us/home/zero-trust-security-makes-gdpr-compliance-easier.html

Cybercriminals Adding Sophistication to BEC Threats

New tactics aimed at business executives and users are being used to reap greater reward from email based fraud, which continues to rise, researchers said. https://threatpost.com/cybercriminals-adding-sophistication-to-bec-threats/148305/