Multiple Vulnerabilities Found in Presentation Products

Tenable Research has discovered multiple vulnerabilities impacting Crestron’s AM-100 presentation device platform. Two of these also impact several other platforms, including: Barco wePresent, ExtronShareLink, InFocus LiteShow and TEQ AV IT WIPS710.
While researching a Crestron AM-100 AirMedia Presentation Gateway, Jacob Baines discovered that this device shares a code base with several other presentation platforms. He also discovered 15 vulnerabilities in Crestron AM-100 version and AM-101 version Two of these vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-3929, CVE-2019-3930) are also present in: 
Barco wePresent WiPG-1000 firmware
Barco wePresent WiPG-1600 before firmware
Extron ShareLink 200/250 firmware 
Teq AV ITWIPS710 firmware 
InFocus LiteShow3 firmware 1.0.16 
SHARP PN-L703WA firmware version
Optoma WPS-Pro firmware version
Blackbox HD WPS firmware version 
InFocus LiteShow4
The devices on this list are also vulnerable to CVE-2017-16709, which Crestron patched in 2018.
While researching these vulnerabilities, Baines discovered nearly 1,600 devices with this shared code base are open to the internet. He also found that many of the devices are not up to date. You can read all of his findings in the Tenable Tech Blog. Full details of the vulnerabilities in Crestron AM-100 and AM-101 can be found in the Tenable Research Advisory. 
CVE-2019-3929: Unauthenticated Remote Command Injection via HTTP
This is the most critical of the vulnerabilities and is present in all of the listed devices. A remote, unauthenticated attacker can execute operating system commands as root via crafted requests to the HTTP endpoint file_transfer.cgi. This would allow them to view anything being presented on the presentation device and, more importantly, use the presentation device as a pivot point to the internal network. They could also replace the client software presenters must download to connect to the device with their own malicious software, giving them access to the presenter’s device.
Vendor response 
Tenable Research attempted to coordinate with all of the impacted vendors. Barco released firmware version v2.3.1.16 and Extron has released firmware version 2.3.08 to address the vulnerabilities that impact their platforms. As of April 30, Crestron has not released an update. If you deploy devices from the other vendors listed, we recommend reaching out to them directly for more information.
Ensure your devices are updated fully and are not exposed to the internet.
Tenable has developed an exploit plugin to test for CVE-2019-3929.
Additional information
Visit the Tenable Tech Blog on Medium to read researcher Jacob Baines’ in-depth story about his work uncovering these vulnerabilities.
Extron Download Center
Barco Firmware Release
Tenable Advisory
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