Using OOAnalyzer to Reverse Engineer Object Oriented Code with Ghidra

By: Jeffrey Gennari. Object-oriented programs continue to pose many challenges for reverse engineers and malware analysts. C++ classes tend to result in complex arrangements of assembly instructions and sophisticated data structures that are hard to analyze at the machine code level. We’ve long sought to simplify the process of reverse engineering object-oriented code by creating tools, such as OOAnalyzer, which automatically recovers C++-style classes from executables.
OOAnalyzer includes utilities to import OOAnalyzer results into other reverse engineering frameworks, such as the IDA Pro Disassembler. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve updated our Pharos Binary Analysis Framework in Github to include a new plugin to import OOAnalyzer analysis into the recently released Ghidra software reverse engineering (SRE) tool suite. In this post, I will explain how to use this new OOAnalyzer Ghidra Plugin to import C++ class information into Ghidra and interpret results in the Ghidra SRE framework.


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